Tips for Better Pureed Foods

“Tips for Better Pureed Foods” is a resource about improving texture-modified foods for older adults with swallowing difficulties and includes research results from an A-HA project led by A-HA Research Scientist Dr. Lisa Duizer. This resource was released in 2012.

The resource provides:

  • Recipes!  For pureed turkey and carrots made with local products and that address the sensory and nutritional needs of older adults.
  • National guidelines for preparing texture-modified foods.  Although Canada doesn’t have national standards, the resource links you to helpful guidelines used in other countries.
  • Information about equipment.
  • Profiles of different thickeners, their nutritional qualities, and how they can be used (e.g., skim milk, flax flour).
  • Garnishing tips.
  • A handy checklist to help with getting the right texture.

Download Tips for Better Pureed Foods today.