Tablemates: How do Residents Feel About Their Dining Partners?

A-HA Team Lead

Keller, H (Principal Investigator)

Project Date


Little is known about how residents in retirement and long-term care homes perceive their tablemates and the social interactions they experience during mealtimes. There is also limited guidance for homes on how to determine which tablemates should sit together. In previous work led by Heather Keller, researchers observed residents in retirement/long-term care homes to better understand social interactions between tablemates, and what factors promote or discourage positive experiences. A tool was developed to helped track social interactions, so that changes in the mealtimes experience can be measured before and after an intervention.

To build on this work, residents in retirement homes were interviewed to better understand from their perspective what makes mealtime a pleasurable experience and the types of social interactions occur at their tables. Residents were also asked for feedback on how dining can be improved.

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