Developing Nutrient Dense Menus for Long-Term Care

A-HA Team Lead

Duizer, L (Principal Investigator)


Keller, H (Co-PI)

Project Date

2016 – Present

Previous research has shown that the nutrient density of menus in long-term care can be improved.  By using various strategies during the menu planning process, the result is a menu better able to meet nutritional needs. These menus contain the same foods that are commonly prepared within long term care, however specific ingredients within recipes have been substituted or added to improve the nutrient content. The feasibility of this strategy must be tested as there are many stakeholders within the value chain who need to be engaged in this process (e.g., menu planners, food distributors and producers). This two year project will first examine stakeholder attitudes toward the development of nutrient dense or “super menus” to identify barriers and potential benefits. A super menu will then be developed including cost and nutrient density analysis. Results from this research will be used to advocate for improved menu planning within long term care using Ontario produce.

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