CHOICE: development and evaluation of a training program to improve the mealtime experience in LTC

A-HA Team Lead

Keller, H (Principal Investigator)


Dunn, H (Co-Investigator)
Wu, S (Co-Investigator)

Project Date

2015 – Present

CHOICE is a training program designed to support relationship-centred dining in long-term care. Each letter of the acronym CHOICE is a core principle of relationship-centred dining: connecting; honouring identity; offering support; identity; creating opportunities; and enjoyment.

The objectives of CHOICE are:

  • To create mealtimes that feel like home; each meal feels like dining with family and friends or visiting the local eatery and is an opportunity for authentic social engagement and relationships.
  • To create mealtimes that are comfortable and enjoyable for each person; personal preferences are honoured and dignity is supported.

CHOICE will be piloted in 2 long-term care homes in 2016 to determine the effectiveness of training delivery and whether the training results in attitudes, knowledge and behaviour related to relationship-centred dining in long-term care.


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