Canadian Malnutrition Task Force

A-HA Team Lead

Keller, H (Co-Chair)


Johane Allard (Co-Chair)
Paule Bernier
Khursheed Jeejeebhoy
Leah Gramlich
Donald R. Duerksen
Manon Laporte
Helene Payette
Claude Roy

Project Date

2010 – Present

The Canadian Malnutrition Task Force is a committee of the Canadian Nutrition Society investigating the incidence and the effects of hospitalization and nutrition care process on the progression of malnutrition. Its initial research takes in a number of hospitals across Canada, looking at the occurrence of malnutrition amongst newly-admitted patients and the effects of hospital diet on this disease. Later studies will include long-term care facilities and the general populace.

Malnutrition, including obesity, is a serious problem in Canadian society, and it is anticipated that study results will show not only the prevalence of malnutrition and its importance to health outcomes while in hospital, but how the culture of nutrition care in hospitals can be improved.

The Canadian Malnutrition Task Force is funded by Abbott Nutrition with support from Pfizer Canada and Fresenius Kabi.


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