Knowledge Translation & Transfer Activities

A-HA has a strong commitment to engage in knowledge translation & transfer (KTT) and realize opportunities to improve the health and well-being of older adults through the innovative use of food.

The A-HA team holds a KTT grant (2014-2017) from the Agri-Food and Rural Link program (the KTT hub for the OMAFRA-UoG partnership), which builds on activities funded by a previous award (2010-2013) and also introduces a number of new initiatives. Both KTT projects are led by A-HA Research Scientist Alison Duncan, PhD, RD.

This newly funded project aims to take advantage of the opportunities to engage Ontario’s agri-food and health sectors, and aging consumers, to establish agri-foods as a “food-first” strategy to promote healthy aging.

Project activities will include:

  • Creation and dissemination of a recipe booklet highlighting the health benefits of Ontario agri-foods for older adults
  • Resources to promote using Ontario health-friendly foods
  • Knowledge translation events
  • Annual newsletters
  • Social media
  • Graduate and undergraduate student engagement

These KTT activities will continue to enable A-HA to reach a wider audience, share research evidence with knowledge users, and promote the use of food for healthy aging.

To learn more about A-HA’s KTT activities, contact A-HA’s program manager Hilary Dunn at